Laser Cosmetic Dentistry

Laser therapy is one of dentistry’s latest advances. Dr. Poksay introduced lasers in 1999 by using the Diode Laser to treat gum disease. In the spirit of commitment to the highest level of treatment for our patients, Dr. Poksay has incorporated the Laser into his treatment options.  This is cutting edge technology that has proven, miraculous results in the treatment of soft tissue, and gum related problems.

Lasers deliver energy in the form of light. Depending on the intended result, this energy travels at different wavelengths and is absorbed by a “target.” In dentistry, these targets can be enamel, decay, gum tissue, or whitening enhancers. Each one absorbs a different wavelength of light while reflecting others. Laser dentistry can be used for both tooth and soft tissue related procedures. Often times no local anesthesia is required. For soft tissue (surgical) procedures, it eliminates the need for scalpels and healing is much faster and virtually painless.

Ready to Improve Your Smile?

Dr. Thomas Poksay has been providing quality dental care in Novato for over twenty-five years. His exceptional resume and continued education in the fields of cosmetic dentistry and sedation dentistry have delivered outstanding results for patients.

Novato Office Appointments

Areas of dental care that benefit from laser technology:

  • Curing or hardening bonding materials
  • Whitening teeth
  • Periodontal or gum related care
  • Pediatric procedures
  • Apthous ulcer treatment (canker sore)
  • Frenectomy (tongue-tie release) without anesthesia or sutures
  • Root canals and apiecopectomies
  • Crown lengthening, gingovectomy, and other gum corrections

Click here for a complete list of FDA cleared procedures.

Dental lasers have been shown to be safe and effective for treating both children and adults.