Marin County’s Leader in Cosmetic & Restorative Dental Care, Novato CA

Patients have come to know Dr. Poksay as Marin County’s leader in cosmetic and restorative dental care. Bringing the most advanced technology and the most personal experience to patience, while providing the highest quality of care.

With the industry’s most advanced technology available in the Treatment Center, you are in expert hands with us.

Tom Poksay is known not only for his skill and precision as a dental health provider, but also for the incredible quality of care he provides each and every patient of his. His office provides a relaxed, warm and friendly environment that puts even the most anxious patient at ease.

Cosmetic and restorative dental care can greatly improve your quality of life. Drs. Poksay extensive experience and use of sleep dentistry assures you of complete satisfaction as a patient with us.

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You can trust Drs. Poksay and Bohan for your general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry needs. Contact us today!

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